Aurora spotting on snowshoes.

Ylläs is a mountain in Finnish Lapland where you can spot Northern Lights (also known as Aurora Borealis).

We offer our guests snowshoes for an unforgettable Aurora Spotting tour in the magical forests.

Chasing Northern Lights. 

What better way is there to explore the beautiful natural surroundings than on snowshoes? Do not forget to look up – you can spot northern lights very often in wintertime.

The most common time of year for Northern Lights to appear is between December and February, however, their visibility really only depends on the weather conditions – if there are clouds, you can’t see them.

We’ve actually seen some of the most incredible auroras in April in the past few years if the night sky is clear. It’s impossible to predict when auroras are showing so you’ll just need to be lucky!

If you head out in the forest on your own: please remember to bring your fully charged phone and a flash – or headlight with you. It can get very dark even if the stars, moon, and northern lights give light.

Need a pair of snowshoes?

Ylläs Villas offers guests high-quality snowshoes included in the weekly rent. You can attach the snowshoes on your normal shoes. They’re very lightweight and easy to walk with even on very deep snow. You can find the snowshoes, free of charge, in the service building outside.


Would you prefer to have an expert with you when you're heading out? Let us know and we will get you in contact with a local Aurora spotting guide.