The Finnish Right of Common allows anyone to pick berries and mushrooms in forests.


Finnish Lapland has the purest nature in the world. You’ll find wild berries and mushrooms everywhere in the vast forests around Ylläs – and you’re allowed to pick them freely.

Berry seasons in Ylläs:

  • Blueberries: August-September (can be found outside our porch)
  • Cloudberries: September
  • Lingonberries: September
  • Cranberries: October.


Most mushrooms in Finland are safe to eat. You should be careful though and always double-check before eating your harvest.

A list of edible (and poisonous) arctic mushrooms can be found on the website of Arctic Flavours.


Our wilderness guide Anneli Koppel is an expert on wild berries and mushrooms in Lapland (and she knows exactly where to find them!) Contact us for more details on booking your own berry and mushroom picking guide in Ylläs during your stay.

We also offer our guests picking equipment and a big freezer + small boxes for storing your harvest. Maybe you even want to bring it home? We’ll help you organize it.